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IDPs in Bene State and other locations will be counted in the 2023 census.

NPC Training Update Today – The 2023 Population and Housing Census is scheduled to be conducted from May 3–7, 2023. The National Population Commission has been made aware of reported statements in the news media attributed to the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, and the President of the Middle Belt Forum, Dr. Bitrus Pogu, calling on the Federal Government to postpone the census due to concerns over the exclusion of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the exercise. In order to allow the IDPs in Benue and elsewhere in the nation to return to their regular homes before the 2023 Census is conducted, the two recognized stakeholders urged the Federal Government to ensure necessary security.

The Census would not register nearly two million Benue State natives who are living in IDP camps, according to Governor Ortom’s subsequent statement. 

The Commission wishes to state unequivocally that everyone residing in Nigeria at the time of the 2023 Census exercise will be counted, including non-Nigerians, internally displaced persons, and homeless people, even though it condemns the conflicts in Benue that have led to an increase in the number of displaced persons. To ensure inclusive, reliable, and palatable census data, it is important to leave no one behind. (NPC Training Update Today).

The methodology for the 2023 Census has a reliable and tried-and-true process for counting IDPs in Nigeria that is also in accordance with the highest international standard. The approach used is not only for counting people who live in regular households but also for those who live in irregular households, like people who are in transit, the homeless, and people who are living in temporary camps.

The census questionnaire will elicit information about the typical residences of those living in IDP camps or the areas where they formerly resided. In the event of a potential status change, this information can be used to help each person arrange their separate typical residences.

It is encouraging to see that the country’s whole land area, including the IDP camps, has been divided into enumeration areas (EAs). Every person in the designated enumeration areas must be tallied by the enumerators throughout the census period, and the total number of people counted during the census will be used to calculate Nigeria’s population statistics.

Most importantly, the frequency of IDPs should serve as justification for conducting the census in 2023 rather than justification for delaying it. Governments at all levels, the commercial sector, international development partners, and humanitarian organizations will need demographic data from the 2023 Census to plan for the supply of food, empowerment, and social facilities to those living in IDP camps.

In order to successfully complete the country’s first digital and green census, the Commission is requesting the maximum participation and assistance from all Nigerian citizens, who are asked to participate in the process honestly and once.

Isiaka Yahaya, Ph.D
Director, Public Affairs
April 2023

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