Abba John Kwana Casa’in Answers 10 Questions About His Lifestyle

Abba John Kwana Casa’in Answers 10 Questions About His Lifestyle

Abba John Kwana Casa’in Answers 10 Questions About His Lifestyle. The handsome actor brought a lot of smiles to fans through the series sitcom he is featuring in Kwana Casain. In addition to that, actor is versatile and also open to roles. In fact, he was able to disguise and fit into the character of a different religion perfectly. Read to get an insight into his lifestyle.

1. Tells us about your brief Biography?

Abba John:

My name is Abba Sa’ad but popularly called Abba John. I was born in Kaduna State at Saminaka, Lere Local government area of Kaduna State. Hence i spend a considerable part of my life in Saminaka and still reside in Kaduna. I am in my late twenties which means I was born in the 1990. I am also a Hausa man by tribe.

2. Why did you choose acting as a profession?

Abba John :

I developed the love of the acting profession as a child. I also like to watch Hausa and Indian films. I was truly attracted to the profession and wanted to impact knowledge, entertain and put smiles in the face of people. Hence I made the decision to become an actor because I possesses the skills.

3. Which was your first film?

Abba John:

I am a comedian and also a musician. I do short giggles and post them online. Kwana Casa’in is supposedly my first film since it brought me to limelight and stardom. I initially went to audition for Dadin Kowa but i was late because the series sitcom had gone far. The Director of DadinKowa sitcom then promised me that he would give me a role in Kwana Casain if i passed the auditioning stage.

Fortunately for me, when the auditioning was carried out, i did well and was given the role of Abba John. The son of a spoilt deputy governor who was rebellious. Many people say I fit into the role. Infact, a lot of people find it difficult to believe that I am totally a different person from character I play.

4. Tell us About your most difficult scene?

Abba John:

There was this particular scene in a night club which i had to repeat it several times before I could master it. The reason for that was because I was tired and not ready for it. The scene gave me a though time until my director was angry at my performance. At the end, i was able to do it but it gave me a tough time because I wasn’t ready. To me the scene is my most difficult.

What Type of Questions Do Fans Frequently ask you?

Abba John :

My fans ask me a lot of questions. But the most frequently asked questions is about my tribe and religion. I acted as a non Hausa man and also as a Christian. So many fans want to know my tribe and religion.

I usually tell me I am a Muslim and the same time, a Hausa by tribe. But they hardly believed me because of the way I acted in Kwana Casain. Many say I fitted into character.

6.What Successes and achievements have you attained since becoming an actor?

Abba John:

I can only be thankful to the Almighty Allah for His blessings on me. I did achieved alot as an actor in terms of popularity and fame. In the past, there are people I can see and places i can dream of going but now it is possible for me.

I remembered, when I wanted to travel out of Nigeria. I went to the immigration office but the kind of reception that was accorded me is second to known. The immigration officers treated me with great respect and prestige which made it easier for me to secure my passport easily. I am truly greatful for their kind gesture.

7. What are you Planning to do after Kwana Casain?

Abba John:

I want to continue my acting profession. This means i am also open to roles in the future. Although it is difficult to get roles in Kaduna since the headquarters of Kannywood is in Kano State. But would be grateful to continue to get more roles to showcase my talent and skills.

Some of my colleagues are better because they got many roles. This is a great achievement for us acting in Kwana Casain. It shows we are talent to reckoned with.

8. What type of relationship do you have with fellow Kannywood actors?

Abba John :

I have cordial relationship with all actors. I am a person that has a sense of humour and u respect others. So far, I have good my relationship with fellow Kannywood actors. I respect others and they reciprocate the same thing to me.

9. Which Kannywood actresses do you relate well with?

Abba John:

I relate well with most of the all female actors. But can say interact and relate with Kannywood actress Hadiza Gabon. Myself and Hadiza had done short funny videos together. She is indeed a rare gem and I have learnt a lot from her. In addition to Hadiza Gabon, I also correlate with Fati SU, she is also my female friend. I like her acting skills too.

10. What positive contribution do hope to bring to your society?

Abba John :

My ambition is to bring a positive contribution to my society. I hope in the future, I will also be able to help people achieved their dreams and raise them up. Although I am not boyant enough to produce film but the future is bright and promising. Left to me, i want to help upcoming actors achieved their dreams and still create more opportunities to people.

Indeed, Abba John is still young and aspiring. He would indeed go places. Wishing him the best and hoping that all his good aspirations comes true. Do you like Abba John acting skills. Which Scene in Kwana Casain he cmacted can you say was your best?Share your opinion with us today by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article.


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